What Types of Buttons Do You Know?

Snaps (Poppers)

Snaps, or poppers, are similar to the hook-and-eye fasteners in that there are two parts, both of which are sewn into the document and used to close the document and keep it in place. Poppers are usually round. One of the best things about finding poppers is that they come in both silver metal and a variety of gorgeous colors when made of plastic.

Do not be fooled by the plastic ones. These snaps are just as sturdy and reliable as the metal ones, and the variety of colors can make any garment that much more attractive. Snaps also do great regardless of the garment you are sewing it in, because they are just as sturdy and strong as other types of buttons if you sew them on correctly, even if you’re a beginner in the art of sewing.

Stud (Jeans)

Stud buttons are usually associated with jeans, although you can use them for other denim garments, including jackets and skirts. Stud buttons have two parts, and one attaches to the other. However, unlike hook-and-eye fasteners, which are sewn in two different places, stud buttons are pressed together after they are placed in the buttonhole.

They are pressed together by a special tool that presses them together in a very strong manner, so once they are installed, it is all but impossible to get them out of the buttonhole. Some of these buttons can be sewn in using an extra-strong thread or yarn; however, the ones that press together using special tools usually produce a more long-lasting result.

Stud buttons also come in various sizes and are not only used to fasten jeans together. They can be used as decorations on jean pockets and even on the sides of the jeans themselves. They are usually round and come in colors that include silver and gold, although some of them come in dozens of other colors and are used to decorate denim jeans, purses, jackets, and other denim items. If you do your due diligence, in fact, you can find dozens of stud buttons in dozens of sizes and colors, and the fact that they are extremely sturdy and long-lasting is yet another perk of choosing this type of button.


are long, skinny buttons that are usually rounded, and they are most often used in buttonholes or with a loop fastening. Because of their length, it is easier for them to slip through smaller holes than a button that is round or square, and they are a very secure choice as well. Of course, toggles are often used as statement pieces, so if you want a unique, attractive, eye-catching button for your garment, the toggles are a great choice. Many of them have two holes in the center and are made of materials such as wood, although they are attached to the garment much like a flat button is.

Toggles are usually made of wood or plastic, and they come in a variety of colors and designs, so whether you want a solid, light-pink one or a toggle with a printed design on it, you can easily find it. Attractive, easy to use, and versatile, toggles are a great choice for most of your sewing projects, and they do not have to be used just for clothing anymore because you can now use them for a variety of arts and crafts projects as well.

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