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The secret to looking and feeling your best is wearing clothes that fit.

We Can Restore Your Favourite Leather Jacket

Any leather jacket can be repaired, restored, cleaned and cared for. We provide a full leather jacket repair service as well as expert cleaning and nourishment of all leather jackets.

Whether you require a simple hem or zip repair, or a complete reconstruction of your favourite garment, you can trust us, Comavin Atelier, to ensure you look and feel great in your clothes.

Tired of the way Your Clothing Looks? We Can Change It!

Love the cut but hate the colour?

Don't worry, we can change your garment to almost any colour, white to black, brown to blue, or black to pink. Even differently coloured panels isn't a problem, creating a totally unique, custom item.

Turn Pants into a Maxi Skirt

You’re tired of your old pants, and you love to twirl. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a refashioning! If you’ve got a pair of flowy, wide-legged pants you’re never going to wear again, you could be twirling in no time at all.

Skirt to Dress Refashion

You love the pattern on that skirt in your closet…but you’re not really a skirt person anymore. Maybe you were never really a skirt person. It’s ok! Own it! Give that beautiful fabric some new life by transforming that so-so skirt into a dress you’ll feel incredible in.

Clothes Should Fit - What Exactly Does It Mean?

The Collar

The collar should just graze your neck without constricting it. If turning your head causes the collar to turn with it, the collar is too tight.


When you bend your arm, your cuff should not move more than an inch up your wrist.

Shirt Length

Shirt length should be such that bending and making natural movements does not cause the shirt to become untucked. Additionally, your shirt should remain tucked if you fold your hands behind your head.

What Types of The Repairs Do We Do?

Zipper Replacement

Zips get used a lot. Whilst they are generally quite robust, they do wear down over time, break, and unfortunately, do stop working.

Small Holes

If you have a knit fabric garment, small holes (pinhead sizes) are a given. Simple small holes can be repaired fast on these fabrics.

Large Holes - Darning

When you say Invisible mending, it is invisible darning that is at the heart of it. Darning is used when the hole is bigger – when the fabric has singed/frayed due to thin fibres etc., you may have to cut away the scorched/frayed portion and this makes it too big for the above solutions. Darning will replace the fabric fibres which are missing.

About us

Caroline Shine Seamstress at Comavin Atelier
We use the best tailoring techniques, threads, sewing machines along with careful dedication. When your item has been repaired, we will send it back to you via recorded & tracked delivery to ensure that your item is safe.

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